Strategic Board

The Strategic Board of the Ecotox Centre consists of the members of the directorate (without a vote) and a representative each of the Eawag research departments, authorities and industry, the Cantons and the Swiss Centre for Applied Human Toxicology (SCAHT). The Strategic Board is responsible for the strategic orientation of the Ecotox Centre within the framework of the business plan.

Dr. Inge Werner, Director Ecotox Centre

Prof. Dr. Rik Eggen, Deputy Director Eawag 

Prof. Dr. Christof Holliger, Head of Laboratory for Environmental Biotechnology, EPF Lausanne

Dr. Christian Leu, Head of Section Water Quality, Federal Office for the Environment

Dr. Michael Mattes, Head of Division of Environment, Security, Technology, scienceindustries (Business Association Chemistry Pharma Biotech)

Prof. Dr. Kristin Schirmer, Head of Department of Environmental Toxicology, Eawag

Dr. Kurt Seiler, Head Intercantonal Laboratory Schaffhausen

Dr. Martin Wilks, Director Swiss Centre for Applied Human Toxicology