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Ecosystem stress caused by micropollutants

Micropollutants enter rivers and streams in effluents discharged from wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). As well as having adverse impacts on individual species, these substances appear to alter aquatic ecosystem functions, such as litter decomposition.

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Ecotoxicological risks in small streams are high

A comprehensive monitoring study in small Swiss streams shows that these are often heavily contaminated with plant protection products. The ecotoxicological risk due to the pollutant mixtures was high at four of the five examined sites and the water quality therefore considered to be bad. Due to the long-term exposure, there were no time for recovery for the water organisms.

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Priorisation of pollutants for sediment monitoring in Switzerland

The Ecotox Centre has prioritised organic pollutants for sediment monitoring. The resulting list provides a basis for the sediment module of the Modular Stepwise Procedure.

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Casado-Martinez, M.C., Wildi, M., Ferrari, B.J.D., Werner, I. (2017) Prioritization of substances for national ambient monitoring of sediment in Switzerland. Environmental Science and Pollution Research DOI 10.1007/s11356-017-9082-6

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Langer, M., Junghans, M., Spycher, S., Koster, M., Baumgartner, C., Vermeirssen, E., Werner, I. (2017) Hohe ökotoxikologische Risiken in Bächen - NAWA SPEZ untersucht Bäche in Gebieten intensiver landwirtschaftlicher Nutzung. Aqua & Gas 4, 58-68

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(Eco)toxicological evaluation of glyphosate - debate on a pesticide

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The occurrence of 12 EU priority substances in Swiss surface waters and biota – a review of monitoring data

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Biologische Nachbehandlung von kommunalem Abwasser nach Ozonung – ReTREAT: Teilprojekt Biotests

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