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Bioassays for the assessment of water quality

Within the Modular Stepwise Procedure a concept has been developed for the overall assessment of rivers that are contaminated with waste water using ecotoxicological bioassays. The concept represents a first step towards an integrative assessment of water quality.

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Ecotoxicology for ZHAW students

Wie in jedem Jahr hat das Oekotoxzentrum im März 2018 angehenden Biotechnologinnen und Biotechnologen eine Einführung in die Ökotoxikologie gegeben.

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Symposium "Environmental Monitoring with Bioassays" on 5./6. June 2018

The use of bioassays to assess water quality has many advantages and the acceptance of bioassays has increased in recent years. On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the Ecotox Centre organises a symposium on the topic.

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Escher, B.I., Aїt-Aїssa, S., Behnisch, P.A., Brack, W., Brion, F., Brouwer, A., Buchinger, S., Crawford, S.E., Du Pasquier, D., Hamers, T., Hettwer, K., Hilscherová, K., Hollert, H., Kase, R., Kienle, C., Tindall, A.I., Tuerk, J., Oost, R., Vermeirssen, E., Neale, P.A. (2018) Effect-based trigger values for in vitro and in vivo bioassays performed on surface water extracts supporting the environmental quality standards (EQS) of the European Water Framework Directive. Science of the Total Environment, 628–629, 748–765

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Junghans, M., Werner, I., Kuhl, R., Zimmer, E., Ashauer, R. (2018) Beurteilung des Umweltrisikos mit zeitproportionalen Mischproben: Analyse von realen Expositionsprofilen mittels Modellierungen zur zeitabhängigen Ökotoxizität. Aqua & Gas 4, 50-57

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(Eco)toxicological evaluation of glyphosate - debate on a pesticide

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Biologische Nachbehandlung von kommunalem Abwasser nach Ozonung - ReTREAT

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Wirkungsorientierte Gewässerüberwachung: Biomonitoring mit Forellen

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