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How long to collect water samples?

If the measured concentration of a substance in surface waters exceeds its quality criterion, the water quality is assessed as poor. But over which time period should the water sample be collected and the concentration be averaged?

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Progress in the assessment of sediment quality

Together with eight cantons, the Ecotox Centre has conducted extensive field testing to investigate the comparability of different methods for sampling and sample preparation of sediments.

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Estrogens in surface waters - Screening and risk assessment for Europe

In the framework of an international project, European water samples were analysed for estrogens using various biological and chemical methods. Bioassays based on cell cultures were shown to be well suited to detect the substances that are to be monitored across Europe.

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Casado-Martinez, M.C., Wildi, M., Ferrari, B.J.D., Werner, I. (2017) Prioritization of substances for national ambient monitoring of sediment in Switzerland. Environmental Science and Pollution Research DOI 10.1007/s11356-017-9082-6

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Langer, M., Junghans, M., Spycher, S., Koster, M., Baumgartner, C., Vermeirssen, E., Werner, I. (2017) Hohe ökotoxikologische Risiken in Bächen - NAWA SPEZ untersucht Bäche in Gebieten intensiver landwirtschaftlicher Nutzung. Aqua & Gas 4, 58-68

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(Eco)toxicological evaluation of glyphosate - debate on a pesticide

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Praxistaugliche Beurteilungen von kurzzeitigen Expositionsspitzen

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Biologische Nachbehandlung von kommunalem Abwasser nach Ozonung – ReTREAT: Teilprojekt Biotests

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