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How to detect endocrine disruptors in a cantonal lab

AWEL's Water Protection Laboratory is currently setting up a system to control the elimination of micropollutants in Zurich's wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). To this end, the authorities want to obtain an overview of the occurrence of estrogenic compounds .

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Soil  ecotoxicology in Switzerland: Where are we and where do we want to go?

Ecotoxicological tests help to assess soil quality. At a workshop in June, the Ecotoxic Centre brought together important partners to inform about the state of knowledge and to discuss the future of soil ecotoxicology in Switzerland.

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Environmental monitoring with bioassays

Bioassays as methods for the assessment of water and sediment quality are gaining more and more acceptance. In June 2018, more than 90 experts from public authorities, the private sector and science accepted the invitation of the Ecotox Centre to a two-day symposium on this topic.

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Junghans, M., Werner, I., Kuhl, R., Zimmer, E., Ashauer, R. (2018) Beurteilung des Umweltrisikos mit zeitproportionalen Mischproben: Analyse von realen Expositionsprofilen mittels Modellierungen zur zeitabhängigen Ökotoxizität. Aqua & Gas 4, 50-57

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Kienle, C., Vermeirssen, E., Kunz, P., Werner, I. (2018) Grobbeurteilung der Wasserqualität mit Biotests: Ökotoxikologische Biotests zur Beurteilung von abwasserbelasteten Fliessgewässern. Aqua & Gas 4, 40-48

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(Eco)toxicological evaluation of glyphosate - debate on a pesticide

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Développement de systèmes in situ et ex-situ d’exposition aux matières en suspension et aux sédiments contaminés aux PCB utilisant la larve de Chironomus riparius

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Biologische Nachbehandlung von kommunalem Abwasser nach Ozonung - ReTREAT

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