Dr. Carolin Riegraf

Dr. Carolin Riegraf


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Centre Ecotox
Office FX E24
Überlandstrasse 133
CH-8600 Dübendorf

Tasks at the Ecotox Centre

  • Planning, supervision and implementation of various applied projects in aquatic ecotoxicology with a focus on hormonally active substances, effect-based screening tools and sample preparation techniques
  • Combination of thin-layer chromatography and bioassays

Areas of Expertise

  • Endocrine disruption
  • Cell-based in vitro bioassays
  • Effect-directed analysis (EDA)
  • Combination of thin-layer chromatophraphy and bioassays


  • since 2020

    Scientist in aquatic ecotoxicology at the Ecotox Centre

  • 2017-2021

    PhD thesis at the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH) in Aachen (Germany) at the Institute of Biology V (Environmental Research).

  • 2016-2020

    Scientific assistant at the Federal Institute of Hydrology in Koblenz (Germany)

  • 2014-2016

    Master in Environmental Sciences at Wageningen University (Netherlands)

  • 2010-2014

    Bachelor in Environmental Sciences at the University of Tübingen (Germany)


Riegraf, C., Reifferscheid, G., Belkin, S., Moscovici, L., Shakibai, D., Hollert, H., & Buchinger, S. (2019). Combination of yeast-based in vitro screens with high-performance thin-layer chromatography as a novel tool for the detection of hormonal and dioxin-like compounds. Analytica chimica acta, 1081, 218-230 

Riegraf, C., Reifferscheid, G., Becker, B., Belkin, S., Hollert, H., Feiler, U., & Buchinger, S. (2019). Detection and quantification of photosystem II inhibitors using the freshwater alga Desmodesmus subspicatus in combination with high-performance thin-layer chromatography. Environmental science & technology, 53(22), 13458-13467

Shakibai, D., Riegraf, C., Moscovici, L., Reifferscheid, G., Buchinger, S., & Belkin, S. (2019). Coupling High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography with Bacterial Genotoxicity Bioreporters. Environmental science & technology, 53(11), 6410-6419 

Müller, A. K., Leser, K., Kämpfer, D., Riegraf, C., Crawford, S. E., Smith, K., Vermeirssen, E.L.M., Buchinger, S. & Hollert, H. (2019). Bioavailability of estrogenic compounds from sediment in the context of flood events evaluated by passive sampling. Water research, 161, 540-548