Dr. Mireia Marti

Dr. Mireia Marti


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Büro FX E23
Überlandstrasse 133
CH-8600 Dübendorf

Tasks at the Ecotox Centre

  • Organisation and implementation of various activities in soil and water risk assessment
  • Derivation of Environmental Quality Standards
  • Planning, implementation of and assistance in continuing education courses

Areas of Expertise

  • Risk assessment of micropollutants in water and soil
  • Soil ecology and biogeochemistry
  • Data analysis and statistics


  • Since 2018

    Risk assessor at the Ecotox Centre

  • 2017

    Ecotoxicologist – Training BNF Program at the Ecotox Centre

  • 2015-2016

    Laboratory Scientist at the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL) in Birmensdorf

  • 2007-2014

    Research Technician and PhD Candidate in Soil Science at the University of Barcelona, Spain

  • 2007

    Technician in Biology at the Catalan Agency of Water Pollution Control, Spain

  • 2005-2006

    Associate Researcher at the Institute for Mediterranean Environmental Research (CEAM), Spain

  • 2000-2005

    Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Biology, University of Barcelona, Spain


Martí-Roura M, Hagedorn F, Rovira P, Romanyà J (2019). Effect of land use and carbonates on organic matter stabilization and microbial communities in Mediterranean soils. Geoderma 351: 103-115 

Martí-Roura M, Rovira P, Casals P, Romanyà J (2014). Post-fire mineral N allocation and stabilisation in soil particle size fractions in Mediterranean grassland and shrubland. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 75: 124–132

Martí-Roura M, Casals P, Romanyà J (2013). Long-term retention of post-fire soil mineral nitrogen pools in Mediterranean shrubland and grassland. Plant and soil 371: 521–531

Martí-Roura M, Casals P, Romanyà J (2011). Temporal changes in soil organic C under Mediterranean shrublands and grasslands: impact of fire and drought. Plant and soil 338: 289–300