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Symposium "Environmental Monitoring with Bioassays" on 5./6. June 2018

31. January 2018, Topic: Aquatic Ecotoxicology Sediment Ecotoxicology Risk Assessment

Symposium "Environmental Monitoring with Bioassays" on 5./6. June 2018

The use of bioassays to assess water quality has many advantages and the acceptance of bioassays has increased in recent years - a trend to which the Ecotox Centre has contributed through its work. For this reason, the Ecotox Centre organises a symposium on the occasion of its 10th anniversary on the topic of "Environmental monitoring with bioassays". The focus is on the use and opportunities of bioassays for the regulatory monitoring of surface waters and sediments in Switzerland. The aim of the event is to provide experts from environmental agencies, private companies and academia with more in-depth practical information. On 5 June (9.00-17.10) the focus will be on water, on 6 June (9.00-17.10) on sediment. Both days can also be visited individually. The symposium will be held in Dübendorf in German and French. Please reserve the date: Soon you will find a detailed programme here.

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