Eawag and EPFL

Eawag and EPFL host the Ecotox Centre by allocating the required office and laboratory workplaces and giving their input to its business plan. Eawag, to which the Ecotox Centre is administratively attached, also supports the management of the financial and personnel administration and provides IT and technical services.

The Ecotox Centre is not a legal entity but is administratively integrated into Eawag, while its budget is kept separate from the Eawag budget. Within Eawag, the Ecotox Centre has the status of a department, and its staff members are employed at Eawag with the corresponding rights and duties. All permanent positions need to be approved by the Eawag directorate. The Ecotox Centre reports to the Eawag directorate and the EPFL delegate, whereas Eawag includes the Ecotox Centre in its reports to the ETH board.