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New approaches for authorization and monitoring

Genetic oligochaete index passes another milestone

Revision of the Plant Protection Products Ordinance:
Ecotox Centre says yes, but

  • In conversation with the "father" of the Ecotox Centre
    22. May 2024

    In conversation with the "father" of the Ecotox Centre

    Rik Eggen, former Deputy Director of Eawag, played a leading role in the founding of the Ecotox Centre in 2008 and was closely involved in its development until his retirement at the end of 2023, first as part of the Directorate and later as a representative of Eawag on the Host Institute Board. Here he looks back on his time with the Ecotox Centre.

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  • News faces at the Ecotox Centre
    17. May 2024

    News faces at the Ecotox Centre

    Luca Gelshorn, Brianne Holmes, Océane Lafargue and Louveline Lépeule have recently joined our team at the Ecotox Centre.

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  • The Ecotox Centre

    The Ecotox Centre is the Swiss competence centre for applied, practice-oriented ecotoxicology. It serves as the primary knowledge hub and discussion platform for research and development, consulting and education in that area.

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Current publications, info sheets and reports

Kienle, C., Bramaz, N., Schifferli, A., Olbrich, D., Werner, I., & Vermeirssen, E. (2023). Beurteilung der Wasserqualität mit einer Biotestbatterie. Aqua & Gas, 103(4), 24-33. , Institutional Repository
Casado-Martinez, C., Beauvais, R., Ferrari, B. J. D., Cirelli, S., Schaad, E. J., Chiaia-Hernandez, A. C., … Loizeau, J. L. (2023). Évaluation de la qualité des sédiments. Projet pilote d'application d'une batterie de bioessais à l'échelle nationale. Aqua & Gas, 103(4), 34-41. , Institutional Repository
Voisin, A. S., Fasel, M., Beauvais, R., Kienle, C., Ferrari, B., & Werner, I. (2023). Biomarqueurs moléculaires. Application pour la surveillance de la qualité de l'eau avec la truite de rivière. Aqua & Gas, 103(4), 42-48. , Institutional Repository

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in the environment

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OligoGen : Développement de méthodes oligochètes génétiques pour évaluer la qualité biologique des sédiments de cours d’eau

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Selection of a bioindicator toolbox for monitoring effects of plant protection product residues Part 1 - Linking ecological soil functions and soil organisms

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Methodology proposal for the derivation of Soil Guideline Values for Plant Protection Product residues Part 2 – Recommendations for the derivation of Soil Guideline Values

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