Biotopes of national importance are also contaminated with plant protection products

Assessment of the water quality of the Vuachère in Lausanne

Bait lamina assay helps measuring soil fertility

Dialogue Day 2023 in Solothurn

Current publications, info sheets and reports

Kienle, C., Bramaz, N., Schifferli, A., Olbrich, D., Werner, I., & Vermeirssen, E. (2023). Beurteilung der Wasserqualität mit einer Biotestbatterie. Aqua & Gas, 103(4), 24-33. , Institutional Repository
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Voisin, A. S., Fasel, M., Beauvais, R., Kienle, C., Ferrari, B., & Werner, I. (2023). Biomarqueurs moléculaires. Application pour la surveillance de la qualité de l'eau avec la truite de rivière. Aqua & Gas, 103(4), 42-48. , Institutional Repository

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in the environment

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Ecotoxicity of cigarette butts

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Selection of a bioindicator toolbox for monitoring effects of plant protection product residues Part 1 - Linking ecological soil functions and soil organisms

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Methodology proposal for the derivation of Soil Guideline Values for Plant Protection Product residues Part 2 – Recommendations for the derivation of Soil Guideline Values

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