Benoît Ferrari takes over as interim director of the Ecotox Centre

High risks due to pesticide mixtures

Biotests and standardisation for the assessment of surface waters

Oligochaetes show influence of WWTP effluent on sediments

Ecotox Centre at EPFL anniversary

17. September 2019

Ecotox Centre at EPFL anniversary

At the Ecotox Centre's stand visitors learned how springtails and other creepy crawlies measure environmental pollutants.

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How toxic are cigarette butts?

30. August 2019

How toxic are cigarette butts?

At least one in three cigarettes worldwide is discarded onto the ground after smoking – a new info sheet informs about their ingredients, environmental behaviour and toxicity.

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The Ecotox Centre

The Ecotox Centre is the Swiss competence centre for applied, practice-oriented ecotoxicology. It serves as the primary knowledge hub and discussion platform for research and development, consulting and education in that area.

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Current publications, info sheets and reports

Junghans, M., Langer, M., Baumgartner, C., Vermeirssen, E., Werner, I. (2019) Ökotoxikologische Risiken in Bächen durch Effekte aus Organismen bestätigt. Aqua & Gas 4, 26-34

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Pesce, S., Ferrari, B.J.D. et al. (2019) Recommandations d’un collectif franco-suisse d’experts pour une meilleure évaluation de la qualité écotoxicologique des sédiments par l’étude des communautés benthiques. Sciences Eaux & Territoires 55, 1-9

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Vivien, R., Lafont, M., Werner, I., Laluc, M., Ferrari, B.J.D. (2019) Assessment of the effects of wastewater treatment plant effluents on receiving streams using oligochaete communities of the porous matrix. Knowl. Manag. Aquat. Ecosyst. 2019, 420, 18

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Ecotoxicity of cigarette butts

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Mercury in the environment

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An overview of current scientific knowledge on the life cycles, environmental exposures, and environmental effects of select endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) and potential EDCs

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