Tire wear as a source of pollutants

How to determine ecotoxicological reference values for soils?

Ecotox Centre as partner in EU working groups

New proposals for quality standards

19. November 2021

New proposals for quality standards

Quality standards are proposed for the first time for the pesticides fenpropimorph, fipronil and permethrin and the drug erythromycin.

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Project on rodent poisons

16. November 2021

Project on rodent poisons

Anticoagulants are highly toxic chemical substances that are used to control harmful rodents such as mice and rats. In a new project the Ecotox Centre aims to assess the environmental contamination with anticoagulants in Switzerland.

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The Ecotox Centre

The Ecotox Centre is the Swiss competence centre for applied, practice-oriented ecotoxicology. It serves as the primary knowledge hub and discussion platform for research and development, consulting and education in that area.

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Current publications, info sheets and reports

Kroll, A., Kienle, C., Schäfer, A., & Aicher, L. (2021). Mikroplastik in der Umwelt. Eine Standortbestimmung. Aqua & Gas, 101(10), 88-95. , Institutional Repository
Masset, T., Ferrari, B. J. D., Oldham, D., Dudefoi, W., Minghetti, M., Schirmer, K., … Breider, F. (2021). In vitro digestion of tire particles in a fish model (Oncorhynchus mykiss): solubilization kinetics of heavy metals and effects of food coingestion. Environmental Science and Technology. doi.org/10.1021/acs.est.1c04385 , Institutional Repository
Rehberger, K., Fasel, M., Segner, H., Voisin, A. S., Olbrich, D., Werner, I., … Kreuzer (2021). Schädigen Pflanzenschutzmittel Fische? Effekte von PSM-Mischungen, in Kombination mit anderen Umweltstressoren, auf junge Forellen. Aqua & Gas, 101(7/8), 60-68. , Institutional Repository

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in the environment

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Ecotoxicity of cigarette butts

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Évaluation de la qualité des sédiments des canaux Stockalper, du Bras-Neuf et des îles (Valais, Suisse) basée sur une approche de type triade

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