Ecotoxicological effects of plant protection products in sediments

How do plant protection products affect Swiss fish?

Few estrogens in Europe's rivers

High risks due to pesticide mixtures

"Ecotoxicology will continue to gain in importance" - in conversation with Inge Werner

22. November 2019

"Ecotoxicology will continue to gain in importance" - in conversation with Inge Werner

The longtime former head of the Ecotox Centre, Inge Werner, handed over management to Benoit Ferrari on 1 September. Here she reflects on the past and future of practical ecotoxicology in Switzerland.

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Video tutorial on the L-YES

19. November 2019

Video tutorial on the L-YES

A video tutorial shows the preparation and execution of the yeast estrogen screen with lyticase for the detection of estrogenic substances.

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The Ecotox Centre

The Ecotox Centre is the Swiss competence centre for applied, practice-oriented ecotoxicology. It serves as the primary knowledge hub and discussion platform for research and development, consulting and education in that area.

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Current publications, info sheets and reports

Casado-Martinez, M.C., Schneeweiss, A., Thiemann, C., Dubois, N., Pintado-Herrera, M., Lara-Martin, P.A., Ferrari, B.J.D., Werner, I. (2019) Ecotoxicité des sédiments de ruisseaux. Les pesticides présents dans les sédiments on des effets sur les organismes bentiques. Aqua & Gas 12, 62-71

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Rösch, A.. Beck, B., Hollender, J., Stamm, C., Singer, H., Doppler, T., Junghans, M. (2019) Geringe Konzentrationen mit grosser Wirkung. Nachweis von Pyrethoid- und Organophosphatinsektiziden in Schweizer Bächen im pg/l Bereich. Aqua & Gas 11, 54-66

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Schneeweiss, A., Junghans, M., Segner, H., Stadtlander, T., Werner, I. (2019) Ökotoxikologische Risiken vom PSM für Fische. Aqua & Gas 11, 74-80

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Schneeweiss, A., Werner, I., Segner, H., Stadtlander, T. (2019) Ökotoxikologische Wirkungen von PSM auf Fische. Aqua & Gas 11, 82-91

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Ecotoxicity of cigarette butts

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Mercury in the environment

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