Rodenticides in Swiss wildlife

Tire wear particles - toxic for fish?

Chironomids measure suspended matter quality in Lake Geneva

New EU guidelines on sediment management

  • New report on determining ecotoxicological reference values for soils
    07. February 2023

    New report on determining ecotoxicological reference values for soils

    Monitoring of PPP residues in soils is currently being developed within the framework of the Federal Action Plan on Plant Protection Products. The Ecotox Centre provides an overview of possible methods for determining risk-based reference values for PPPs in soils.

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  • The Ecotox Centre visits the Canton of Vaud
    24. January 2023

    The Ecotox Centre visits the Canton of Vaud

    With tailor-made courses, the Ecotox Centre passes on its expertise to cantons that request it - as was the case last week with the canton of Vaud.

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  • The Ecotox Centre

    The Ecotox Centre is the Swiss competence centre for applied, practice-oriented ecotoxicology. It serves as the primary knowledge hub and discussion platform for research and development, consulting and education in that area.

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Current publications, info sheets and reports

Wüthrich, J., Achermann, S., Leib, V., & Junghans, M. (2022). PFAS-Belastung im Kanton St. Gallen. Erste Erkenntnisse in Fliessegewässern, Fischen und Abwasser. Aqua & Gas, 102(12), 42-50. , Institutional Repository
Daouk, S., Doppler, T., Scheidegger, R., Kroll, A., Junghans, M., Moschet, C., & Singer, H. (2022). Insecticides dans les eaux de surface. Quels risques représentent les insecticides pyréthrinoïdes et organophosphorés en Suisse?. Aqua & Gas, 102(4), 58-66. , Institutional Repository
Masset, T., Ferrari, B. J. D., Dudefoi, W., Schirmer, K., Bergmann, A., Vermeirssen, E., … Breider, F. (2022). Bioaccessibility of organic compounds associated with tire particles using a fish in vitro digestive model: solubilization kinetics and effects of food coingestion. Environmental Science and Technology, 56(22), 15607-15616. , Institutional Repository

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in the environment

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Ecotoxicity of cigarette butts

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Methodology proposal for the derivation of Soil Guideline Values for Plant Protection Product residues Part 1

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Anticoagulant rodenticides – Swiss situation analysis

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