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Revision of the Plant Protection Products Ordinance: Ecotox Centre says yes, but

The Ecotox Centre and Eawag welcome a total revision of the Plant Protection Products Ordinance (PPPO). However, the two institutes are calling for improvements on important points, such as the adoption of EU authorisations or the precautionary principle. The ordinance must ensure that other regulations such as the Water Protection or the Environmental Protection Act are not undermined.

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Ecotox Centre study leads to postulate in Zurich Cantonal Council

A recent study by the Ecotox Centre has shown that nature reserves are also contaminated with pesticides. A postulate based on this study has now been submitted to the Zurich Cantonal Council.

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PFAS course attracts interest

To provide comprehensive information about PFAS and their toxicity to the environment and humans, the Ecotox Centre has organised a course last week, which was attended by more than 80 participants.

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Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in the environment

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OligoGen : Développement de méthodes oligochètes génétiques pour évaluer la qualité biologique des sédiments de cours d’eau

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Selection of a bioindicator toolbox for monitoring effects of plant protection product residues Part 1 - Linking ecological soil functions and soil organisms

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