Networks and Working Groups

The Ecotox Centre staff bring their expertise into various committees and thus contribute to knowledge transfer.

Network/Working Group


ALAB (Working group teaching for biological lab technicians), director Thomas Bucher
aQaTox Solutions AG, Dübendorf, scientific advisory committee Inge Werner
BAFU, Working Group Application Soil Sophie Campiche
CEN/TC 351/WG1 - Working group: Release from contruction products into soil, ground water and surface water Etienne Vermeirssen
CIPEL Commission internationale pour la protection des eaux du Léman Benoit Ferrari
DIN NA 119-01-03-05-01 WG Bioassays Cornelia Kienle
DIN NA 119-01-03-05-09  WG "Hormonal Effects/Xenohormones" Etienne Vermeirssen
DIN ISO/TC 147/SC 5 - Biological Methods WG 2: Toxicity to invertebrates Cornelia Kienle
DIN ISO/TC 147/SC 5 - Biological Methods WG 5: Toxicity - Algae and aquatic plants Cornelia Kienle
DIN, NA 119-01-03-05-12 WG Key ecotoxicity testing issues Etienne Vermeirssen
Environmental Sciences Europe, Advisory Board Inge Werner
EU Commission – Endocrine Disruptor Expert Group Eszter Simon
EU Multilateral Group of national risk assessors Robert Kase, Marion Junghans
EU Water Framework Directive Common Implementation Strategy – Working Group  Chemicals Robert Kase
gaiac Forschungsinstitut für Ökosystemanalyse und -bewertung, Science Advisory Panel Inge Werner
Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI), EcoRiskPrediction of pharmaceuticals, Sceintific Advisory Board Robert Kase
ISO/TC 147/SC 5/WG 9 - Genotoxicity and endocrine effects Etienne Vermeirssen
ISO/TC 147/SC 5/WG 12 Key ecotoxicity testing issues Etienne Vermeirssen
ISO/TC 190/SC 4/WG 2 Soil fauna Sophie Campiche
ISO/TC 190/SC 7/WG 3 Ecotoxicology Sophie Campiche
Lab technician EFZ biology expert, final practical apprenticeship examination  Thomas Bucher
Network of reference laboratories for monitoring of emerging environmental pollutants (NORMAN), Working Group 2: Bioassays and biomarkers in water quality monitoring Etienne Vermeirssen
NORMAN, Cross-working group activity: Passive sampling for emerging pollutants Etienne Vermeirssen
OECD, Endocrine Disrupter Testing and Assessment Advisory Group Eszter Simon
OECD Working group "Earthworm field testing" Sophie Campiche
SedNet, European Sediment Network Carmen Casado-Martinez, Benoit Ferrari
Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC), German Language Branch
Inge Werner
SETAC, Global Soils Advisory Group Sophie Campiche
SETAC, Pharmaceutical Advisory Group Robert Kase
SETAC, Sediment Advisory Group Carmen Casado-Martinez
SETAC, Aquatic Macrophyte Ecotoxicology Advisory Group Carmen Casado-Martinez
Soil Science Society of Switzerland, Steering Committee Sophie Campiche
Swiss Centre for Applied Human Toxicology(SCAHT), Foundation Council Inge Werner
Swiss Standards Association, Standards committee 107 (Water quality), chair Cornelia Kienle
VSA Competence Center Surface Waters Inge Werner
VSA Platform "Process Engineering Micropollutants" Cornelia Kienle, Miriam Langer
VSA Platform "Water quality", management team Inge Werner