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Additional quality criteria available

03. June 2022, Topic: Risk Assessment

Additional quality criteria available

The Ecotox Centre has derived a large number of quality criteria and published them on its website. It now provides quality criteria for additional substances that have either been determined by other organisations or for which no complete data research has been carried out. These values should primarily be used to check the environmental relevance of substances measured in monitoring campaigns of surface waters.

Some of the values are environmental quality standards for priority substances under the EU Water Framework Directive, national environmental quality standards or national quality criteria proposals. The environmental quality criteria of the EU and its member states were determined using the same method as the quality criteria proposals of the Ecotox Centre and are therefore just as robust. They are based on a broad research of data, which were subsequently checked for their relevance and reliability. The other part consists of ad hoc quality criteria derived by the Ecotox Centre. As a rule, these values are based exclusively on the registration data and not on a complete data research.

Download excel file with all quality criteria


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