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31. January 2012, Topic: Aquatic Ecotoxicology Risk Assessment

EU proposes EQS for new priority substances – Ecotox Centre contributed

The European Commission proposes 15 new priority substances to be monitored and regulated under the EU water framework directive. The Ecotox Centre contributed to the derivation of environmental quality standards (EQS) for these substances.

For the first time, EQS for pharmaceutical products are proposed, namely 17-α-ethinylestradiol, 17-β-estradiol and diclofenac. The other proposed substances are plant protection products (aclonifen, bifenox, cypermethrin, dicofol, heptachlor and quinoxyfen ), biocides (cybutryne = Irgarol, dichlorvos and terbutryn), industrial chemicals (perfluorooctan sulfonic acid (PFOS) and hexabromocyclododecane (HBCDD)) and combustion by-products (Dioxin und Dioxin-like PCBs).

The Ecotox Centre has derived proposals for effect-based quality criteria or EQS for a large number of substances; the complete list is published on this website and continuously extended.

EU press release 

Ecotox Centre proposals for quality criteria


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