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EU proposes new law for soil protection

20. July 2023, Topic: Soil Ecotoxicology Risk Assessment

EU proposes new law for soil protection

On 5 July 2023, the EU proposed a new law to improve soil protection in Europe and ensure that soils are used sustainably. Over 60% of Europe's soils are not in good condition and continue to deteriorate due to their unsustainable management, sealing, pollution and overuse, with climate change and extreme weather events also contributing. Until now, there is no uniform law to protect and restore soils. The European Commission's proposal is a first step in this direction.

The proposal contains a harmonised definition of soil health, creates a framework for soil monitoring and promotes sustainable soil management and the remediation of contaminated sites. However, the law is now called " Soil Monitoring Law" and not "Soil Health Law" as originally intended. So far, it mainly focusses on monitoring the condition of soils in the EU and not on restoring soil health. As the new law does not contain legally binding targets and does not focus on soil biodiversity, it falls short of the original expectations. To really improve the condition of European soils and focus on soil health, this proposal would need to be significantly improved.

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