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New proposals for quality standards

19. November 2021, Topic: Risk Assessment

New proposals for quality standards

We have just updated the list of our quality standard proposals. Quality standards are proposed for the first time for the pesticides fenpropimorph, fipronil and permethrin and the drug erythromycin. We have also reassessed ibuprofen. According to this reassessment, no acute quality standard would be proposed for ibuprofen in the future, and the chronic quality standard would be changed to 0.002 µg/l. However, ibuprofen is also a candidate for inclusion in the list of priority substances of the EU Water Framework Directive, for which EQS (environmental quality standards) are being developed on the EU level. Our derivation served as the basis for the EU proposal. This proposal is currently being discussed in an expert group and will be adapted if necessary. As soon as the work of the expert group has been finished, we will update the quality standard for ibuprofen on our homepage.

The EQS for PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonic acid) is currently being revised under the EU Water Framework Directive. There is to be a new value for the entire group of perfluorinated and polyfluorinated alkyl compounds (PFAS). The Ecotox Centre is also involved in these discussions. After the work is completed, we will revise our quality standard proposal for PFOS.

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