Ecotoxicity of corrosion inhibitors from hydraulic steel structures

Ecotoxicity of corrosion inhibitors from hydraulic steel structures

In hydraulic steel structures, coatings are usually used to protect the materials from weathering and to prevent corrosion. However, these organic corrosion inhibitors can be relased upon contact with water and upon aging, and then possibly affect aquatic organisms.  Commissioned by the Federal Office for the Environment and in collaboration with the Institute for Environmental and Process Engineering, University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil, the Ecotox Centre has examined the leaching of corrosion inhibitors and their effect on organisms.

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Report: Organische Beschichtungen im Schweizer Stahlbau und deren Ökotoxizität


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18. May 2016

Ecotoxicity of corrosion inhibitors

Corrosion inhibitors protect steel structures from oxidative degradation but ingredients may be washed out that are harmful to water organisms. Two of the four corrosion inhibitors investigated by the Ecotox Centre released ecotoxic and estrogenic compounds.

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