Ozonation at the WWTP Neugut

Ozonation at the WWTP Neugut

The WWTP Neugut is currently establishing Switzerland's first large scale ozonation plant. This expansion is required by the new Swiss Water Protection Act to improve the removal of micropollutants. The Ecotox Centre contributes to this project: In collaboration with Eawag, it investigates the efficiency and stability of ozonation with subsequent biological treatment. The main focus is on the influence of the water composition on the removal of micropollutants and the efficiency of various biological post-treatment methods. Several bioassays are used to this end.

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Böhler, M., Fleiner, J., McArdell, C.S., Teichler, R., Siegrist, H., Kiene, C., Langer, M. Wunderlin, P. (2017) Projekt ReTREAT. Untersuchungen zu Verfahren für die biologische Nachbehandlung nach Ozonung. Aqua & Gas 5, 54-63


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22. November 2016

Bioassays assess ozonation and post-treatment of wastewater

Ozonation is an established treatment technology to remove micropollutants from wastewater. However, labile toxic reaction products may be formed during ozonation. Therefore, a biological post-treatment step is needed. Using bioassays, the Ecotox Centre has assessed how efficient ecotoxicological effects are reduced by ozonation in combination with various post-treatment technologies.

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