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Ecotox Centre study leads to postulate in Zurich Cantonal Council

02. April 2024, Topic: Aquatic Ecotoxicology Soil Ecotoxicology Sediment Ecotoxicology Risk Assessment

Ecotox Centre study leads to postulate in Zurich Cantonal Council

A recent study by the Ecotox Centre has shown that nature reserves are also contaminated with pesticides. A postulate based on this study has now been submitted to the Zurich Cantonal Council. The Zurich government is being asked to determine the extent to which nature reserves in the canton of Zurich are contaminated by pesticides. In addition, it should be explained how pesticides enter the areas, what damage is caused to biodiversity and how pesticide inputs could be avoided.

The study found that amphibian spawning grounds and fens in Switzerland are contaminated with numerous pesticides. Insecticides from the pyrethroid group in particular exceeded the legal limits and chronic quality criteria, in some cases many times over. The fact that even sites with a low risk of contamination via water were polluted indicates that large-scale transport via air and rain also plays a role here. A dispersion test showed that after the application of a pesticide, the air was contaminated with the active substance at a greater distance.

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