MicroPoll: Effect Evaluation

MicroPoll: Effect Evaluation

Micropollutants from consumer products (cleaning agents, toiletries), drugs or plant protection products in our rivers and lakes are a challenge to water protection. The FOEN project "MicroPoll Strategy" investigates the extent to which micropollutants are removed in wastewater treatment plants because it is mainly from such plants that micropollutants enter our rivers and lakes. In a large-scale technical pilot test at STEP Vidy near Lausanne, water samples are ecotoxicologically assessed and mainly effects of hormonally active substances are analysed at the Ecotox Centre. The objective of the study is to assess the extent to which an additional ozonation step or powdered activated carbon treatment will efficiently eliminate organic micropollutants. Furthermore, it is assessed whether the applied test systems are suitable for success monitoring for processes in wastewater treatment plants.

Applied test systems

Detection of hormonally active substances

Assessment of algae toxicity


Final report: Evaluation of bioassays and wastewater quality: In vitro and in vivo bioassays for the performance review in the Project "Strategy MicroPoll"