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Info sheet on mercury

15. January 2019

Info sheet on mercury

Mercury is a highly toxic heavy metal that naturally occurs in the environment, but also is released by humans. A new info sheet provides information on the presence of mercury, its toxicity and the legal situation.

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Genetic monitoring of surface waters: new video

In the Interreg project SYNAQUA project partners from Switzerland and France seek to establish genetic methods for the biomonitoring of surface waters.

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Video tutorial on the combined algae assay

A video tutorial shows the preparation and execution of the combined algae assay for the detection of herbicides.

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Publications, Info Sheets and Reports

Daouk, S., Doppler, T., Wittmer, I., Junghans, M, Coster, M., Stamm, C. (2019) Pesticides dans les eaux de surface. Mesures de réduction et monitoring - synthèses des appretissages liés aux projets "phytos 62a". Aqua & Gas 1, 66-73

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Kienle, C., Vermeirssen, E., Kunz, P., Werner, I. (2018) Grobbeurteilung der Wasserqualität mit Biotests: Ökotoxikologische Biotests zur Beurteilung von abwasserbelasteten Fliessgewässern. Aqua & Gas 4, 40-48

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(Eco)toxicological evaluation of glyphosate - debate on a pesticide

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An overview of current scientific knowledge on the life cycles, environmental exposures, and environmental effects of select endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) and potential EDCs

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Current methodologies used by cantonal agencies for sampling and analysis of sediments in Switzerland

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