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"Ecotoxicology will continue to gain in importance" - in conversation with Inge Werner

The longtime former head of the Ecotox Centre, Inge Werner, handed over management to Benoit Ferrari on 1 September. Here she reflects on the past and future of practical ecotoxicology in Switzerland.

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Few estrogens in Europe's rivers

Studies with biotests have shown it: Most European watercourses do not contain estrogenic substances in critical concentrations. Switzerland has also participated in the huge monitoring project initiated by the Ecotox Centre. All Swiss samples were harmless.

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Ecotoxicological effects of plant protection products in stream sediments

Plant protection products in stream sediments have harmful effects on sediment organisms. In a monitoring study in 5 streams in agricultural areas, mainly small crustaceans were affected. Several insecticides, including chlopyrifos and pyrethroids, exceeded effect thresholds, so that the sediment quality was impaired.

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Casado-Martinez, M.C., Schneeweiss, A., Thiemann, C., Dubois, N., Pintado-Herrera, M., Lara-Martin, P.A., Ferrari, B.J.D., Werner, I. (2019) Ecotoxicité des sédiments de ruisseaux. Les pesticides présents dans les sédiments on des effets sur les organismes bentiques. Aqua & Gas 12, 62-71

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Rösch, A.. Beck, B., Hollender, J., Stamm, C., Singer, H., Doppler, T., Junghans, M. (2019) Geringe Konzentrationen mit grosser Wirkung. Nachweis von Pyrethoid- und Organophosphatinsektiziden in Schweizer Bächen im pg/l Bereich. Aqua & Gas 11, 54-66

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Ecotoxicity of cigarette butts

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Pression chimique et impacts écologiques : Distribution des contaminants et réponse des communautés de microorganismes et d'invertébrés dans les sédiments de l’Ardières et du Tillet (CommuSED)

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An overview of current scientific knowledge on the life cycles, environmental exposures, and environmental effects of select endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) and potential EDCs

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