Ecotoxicological assessment of sediments from the Venoge

Ecotoxicological assessment of sediments from the Venoge

Despite the implementation of a number of measures of source control and the trend towards better quality scores, the Venoge river in canton Vaud still manifests a decreased chemical and ecological quality in its lower section with a typical upstream-downstream gradient of urban river basins. While the quality of surface waters is monitored since the early 90s, the quality of sediments have been rarely addressed so far. An integrated approach consisting of chemical and ecotoxicological tools to assess whether sediments may be responsible to the decrease of ecological quality in the lower section of the Venoge from Bussigny to the mouth has been applied. The results converged in attributing some contribution to this environmental compartment, both impacting the macrozoobenthos and as a source of contaminants potentially bioaccumulated and biomagnified such as PCBs.

Applied test systems


Casado-Martinez, M.C. et al. (2016) Impact des sédiments sur la qualité d’eau: surveillance écotoxicologique de la qualité de la rivière Venoge. Aqua und Gas 4, 56-63 

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17. May 2016

Sediment quality in the Venoge

Do the sediments in the Venoge contribute to the rivers inferior water quality? To answer this question the Ecotox Centre has assessed the water quality with bioassays and chemical analyses.

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